Division of Student Life

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Our division is made up of a wide variety of departments, programs, and services that support students and their success at the university. Our services are designed to provide great experiences to everyone who visits UMD. Our partners are found across campus and in the Duluth Community. We're committed to students and we look forward to serving you, working with you, and getting to know you better.

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Historical note: The Division of Student Life has had many different iterations and names. This chronology is based on UMD's campus directories:

  • Student Personnel Services (1947-48 through 1970-71)
  • Student Affairs (1971-72 through 1979-80)
  • Student Affairs and Administrative Services (1980-81 through 1984-85)
  • Administration, Business, and Student Life (1985-86 through 1986-87)
  • Academic Support and Student Life (1987-88 through 2010-11)
  • Student Life (2011-12 through the present)
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