Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science

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Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science is the world's longest running and best known series devoted exclusively to the philosophy of science. Edited by resident fellows of the Minnesota Center for the Philosophy of Science (MCPS) since 1956, the series brings together original articles by leading workers in the philosophy of science. The nineteen existing volumes cover topics ranging from the philosophy of psychology and the structure of space and time to the nature of scientific theories and scientific explanation.

Minnesota volumes typically grow out of intensive workshops focused on specific topics. The participants are invited to contribute because they represent the leading viewpoints of the time. The volumes thus have a coherent focus enhanced by the authors' considerable face to face interaction before their papers are revised for publication.

The goal of the MCPS is to continue producing a volume of Minnesota Studies every two to three years on central topics of broad interest within the philosophy of science. The objective is both to define current debates within the field and to help set the agenda for the future. More recent volumes are available at http://mcps.umn.edu/philosophy/.

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