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    Use of Recommended Search Strategies in Systematic Reviews and the Impact of Librarian Involvement: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Recent Authors
    (PLOS ONE, 2015-05-04) Koffel, Jonathan
    Background: Previous research looking at published systematic reviews has shown that their search strategies are often suboptimal and that librarian involvement, though recommended, is low. Confidence in the results, however, is limited due to poor reporting of search strategies the published articles. Objectives: To more accurately measure the use of recommended search methods in systematic reviews, the levels of librarian involvement, and whether librarian involvement predicts the use of recommended methods. Methods: A survey was sent to all authors of English-language systematic reviews indexed in the Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE) from January 2012 through January 2014. The survey asked about their use of search methods recommended by the Institute of Medicine, Cochrane Collaboration, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and if and how a librarian was involved in the systematic review. Rates of use of recommended methods and librarian involvement were summarized. The impact of librarian involvement on use of recommended methods was examined using a multivariate logistic regression. Results: 1560 authors completed the survey. Use of recommended search methods ranged widely from 98% for use of keywords to 9% for registration in PROSPERO and were generally higher than in previous studies. 51% of studies involved a librarian, but only 64% acknowledge their assistance. Librarian involvement was significantly associated with the use of 65% of recommended search methods after controlling for other potential predictors. Odds ratios ranged from 1.36 (95% CI 1.06 to 1.75) for including multiple languages to 3.07 (95% CI 2.06 to 4.58) for using controlled vocabulary. Conclusions: Use of recommended search strategies is higher than previously reported, but many methods are still under-utilized. Librarian involvement predicts the use of most methods, but their involvement is under-reported within the published article.
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    Reproducibility of Search Strategies in Systematic Reviews
    (2014-05) Koffel, Jonathan; Rethlefsen, Melissa
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    Choosing the right pitch: customized orientation emails to new residents and fellows
    (2012 Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, 2012) Koffel, Jonathan
    This project examined the utility of sending customized library orientation emails to new residents and fellows.
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    LibrarWii: Raising user heartbeats with a Nintendo Wii
    (2008 Midwest Chapter Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, 2008) Koffel, Jonathan
    A Nintendo Wii was purchased and used to attract users into the library and to interact with library staff informally
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    Switch Hitter: Balancing Embedded and Traditional Liaison Roles
    (2012 Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, 2012) Koffel, Jonathan
    This presentation discusses how the traditionally full-time roles of an informationist or embedded librarian can be a part time component of a traditional liaison's job.