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    Episode 74: Hands-on Learning - Thinking INSIDE the Box
    (2022-07-14) Robideau, Kari; Lahman, Samantha
    Programming with youth during the pandemic required us to creatively think OUTSIDE the box and find solutions for how we continue to connect with youth through distance learning options. Now that we are returning to a more “normal” programming environment… how do we capture what we have learned and continue to use what works? Samantha Lahman and Joe Rand share a program that was created as an in-person event, had to pivot due the pandemic and change to a program INSIDE a box that was delivered to the young person's home. They share ways youth programs can utilize this "in the box" idea as we return to in-person and hybrid programming.
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    Episode 73: Finding Success through Failure
    (2022-05-25) Robideau, Kari; Kudrle, Nicole
    Even with the best intentions… Youth programming isn't always successful… how do you evaluate those challenges and turn a failure into success? Listen to Extension educator, Nicole Kudrle, and two youth leaders, Maggie and Ryan, who turned an unsucessful youth event into an opportunity to reflect through a process that led to a new (and successful) version of the event.
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    Episode 72: A Virtual ASL Program for Youth
    (2022-05-19) Robideau, Kari; Grant, Mindy; Fisher, Bri; Cable, Jenny
    Learn about a virtual program that was created to teach youth about American Sign Language (ASL). Educators Mindy Grant, Bri Fisher, Jenny Cable share how they utilized statewide partnerships and local community members to access the expertise and experience needed to guide youth learning around ASL. Youth voice was incorporated into a safe space to ask questions in order to have opportunities for deeper learning and greater understanding of ASL and the deaf community.
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    Episode 71: Youth Talk about Gender Identity
    (2022-04-28) Robideau, Kari; Rand, Joe; Kennedy, Dianna
    How can young people learn how to be better allies for their LGBTQ+ peers and ensure safe places for everyone to participate in youth programs? In this podcast, Joe Rand, Extension educator & Director of Diversity Equity Inclusion and Accessibility, Dianna Kennedy, Extension educator and two 4-H State Ambassadors, Victoria and Rachel discuss a youth-led initiative that created a program, called "Let’s talk about Gender Identity” for youth to learn how to be better allies. Although the program was delivered to 4-H members online, ways to implement the program in other youth settings and in-person are discussed.
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    Episode 70: Expanding Program Innovation with Youth
    (2022-04-14) Robideau, Kari; Meyer, Becky; Meyer, Nate; Katras, Mary Jo
    Over the last couple years youth workers have been forced into change and moved into situations where they had to be innovators… How can those experiences be utilized to continue in the mode of being changemakers? Becky Meyer (Center for Youth Development), Nate Meyer (Program Leader, Center for AFNR), and Mary Jo Katras (Program Leader, Center for Family Development) discuss how to capture the youth program innovation we’ve experienced and utilize a model to help practice empathy, be creative and strive for elegance.
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    Episode 69: Planning and delivering programs with Youth Voice
    (2022-03-31) Robideau, Kari; Beranek, Karen; Derdowski, Jan
    Youth can be effective in designing and implementing youth programs with adult guidance! Karen Beranek and Jan Derdowski discuss the foundational research and models supporting authentic youth/adult partnerships while sharing real stories that bring this concept to life.
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    Episode 68: Nurture and Grow Youth Skills with the 4-H Leadership Tree
    (2022-03-17) Robideau, Kari; Lonning, Jacquie; Shanahan, Amber
    Jacquie Lonning and Amber Shanahan, Extension educators discuss the purpose and application of the 4-H Leadership Tree Model to provide leadership pathways for youth. This model broadens the definition of leadership development as a process, rather than a position, that provides an environment for youth to nurture and grow their skills.
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    Episode 67: The Journey to Leadership: a youth perspective
    (2022-03-03) Robideau, Kari; Clark, Meg
    This podcast explores the journey to leadership through the youth perspective as we hear stories from two MN 4-H State Ambassadors. They also discuss the important role adults played in helping them discover and develop leadership skills.
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    Episode 66: Creating Inclusive and Impactful Outdoor Adventure-Based Experiences
    (2022-02-17) Robideau, Kari; Pokorney, Nicole; Abbas, Kristina
    How can we intentionally create inclusive and impactful outdoor learning experiences for youth? Nicole Pokorney and Kristina Abbas share eight key components for developing inclusive, transformative outdoor learning experiences for youth, along with a few tips from their experience for program staff wanting to implement these ideas.
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    Episode 65: I Work with Kids, Not Data!
    (2022-01-27) Robideau, Kari; Grant, Sam
    You evaluate your program by gathering input from the youth participants, parents/guardians and volunteer, but so many of us youth workers say to ourselves... I work with kids - not data! Sam Grant, Evaluation Specialist, discusses three ideas youth workers can use to present and share numbers from evaluation data in more understandable (and fun!) ways.
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    Episode 64: Reflection Practices for Youth Workers
    (2022-01-07) Robideau, Kari; Santl, Karyn
    We know that incorporating reflection into our youth development programs is important for high quality experiences…. But how often do you bring reflection into your professional day? Karyn Santl, Extension educator, shares 3 ideas about how youth workers can implement reflective practices into their work.
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    Episode 63: Youth in Ag Series Part 4 - Rural Youth Stress
    (2021-04-15) Robideau, Kari; Lahman, Samantha; Kloeckner, Aly
    This podcast is Part 4 in a Series on Youth In Agriculture and focus on rural youth stress. Aly shares both her personal and professional experiences with stresses in rural communities and offers effective practices for working with rural youth during stressful times.
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    Episode 62: Youth in Ag Series Part 3 - LGBTQ+ Youth in Agriculture
    (2021-03-25) Robideau, Kari; Rand, Joe; Lahman, Samantha
    As part 3 in the Series on Youth in Agriculture, this podcast focuses on how to create inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ youth in the Ag sector. Joe, Samantha and Kari reflect as we hear directly from Kyle, 4-H alumni, about what his experience was like as a LGBTQ+ youth who had not yet come out, and is now an openly gay man. Kyle shares, from his experience, what employers in Agriculture can do that will signal they have an inclusive environment. He also discusses what youth workers in rural areas can do to educate themselves on the background of Gen Z and to be inclusive while providing opportunities for acceptance and grow in leadership roles.
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    Episode 61: Youth in Ag Series Part 2 - Communicating with Gen Z on the farm
    (2021-03-04) Robideau, Kari; Rand, Joe; Lahman, Samantha
    The Youth in Agriculture Series continues with Part 2: communicating with Gen Z on the Farm! Samantha, Joe and Kari explore how farmers/producers can communicate with, set expectations, give parameters for social media use, open a feedback loop and establish norms between a youth employee and employer. Samantha shares conversations she’s had with producers and we hear from a young person who answers questions about how he prefers to communicate with his employer.
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    Episode 60: Youth in Ag Series Part 1: Generational tensions can divide us, shared experiences connect us
    (2021-02-18) Robideau, Kari; Rand, Joe; Lahman, Samantha
    The Youth Development Podcast Season 4 kicks off with a Youth in Agriculture Series! Samantha, Joe and Kari give an introduction to the topic, a conversation about current trends in Ag and how Generation Z youth will impact the workforce. Using research data intermixed with fun personal stories, Samantha describes the characteristics of Gen Z (born 1997-2012) and what to consider when engaging this generation on the farm and in the industry of agriculture.
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    Episode 59: How to address racial justice through youth voice
    (2020-11-17) Robideau, Kari; Powe, Quincy
    In this podcast, Quincy Powe, 4-H Alumni, shares his perspective of how to address racial justice through youth voice. Based on his experience as a youth and now his work as a young adult, Quincy provides insight of how to encourage youth to believe in their own voice, have youth create their own table (rather than inviting them to the "adult table") and continually re-educate yourself as a youth worker to truly meet the needs of youth in programs.
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    Episode 58: Hmong-American Youth Talk about Racial Injustice
    (2020-10-15) Robideau, Kari; Wynn, Kathryn
    What can we learn from young people who are talking about racial injustice in their community? In this podcast, we will hear from two Hmong-American youth who participated in 4-H programs this past summer that provided a safe space to discuss racial injustice. They share how it changed the way they think about these issues and has motivated them to continue the conversation with their peers.
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    Episode 57: Let's Talk About Race
    (2020-09-14) Robideau, Kari; Sharpe, Kathryn; Erickson, Nate; Grant, Mindy; Frey, Mikayla
    How do we, as youth workers, engage young people in important conversations about Race and racism? And, why is it important that we do? Listen to this podcast to learn how Minnesota 4-H Educators engaged young people in meaningful conversations about race and racism through a program called, "Let's Talk About Race". They discuss how this program originated, its structure and how the youth responded.
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    Episode 56: Three Strategies to build our own resilience during tough times
    (2020-08-06) Santl, Karyn; Robideau, Kari
    In this podcast Karyn Santl shares how all adults, including youth workers, parents/guardians, teacher and neighbors, can role model our reactions to difficult times for youth so that we can all emerge more resilient and better able to face future challenges. Karyn encourages us to focus our energy, shift our lens and remember our purpose.
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    Episode 59: How to Address Racial Justice through Youth Voice
    (2020-11-17) Robideau, Kari; Powe, Quincy
    In this podcast, Quincy Powe, 4-H Alumni, shares his perspective of how to address racial justice through youth voice. Based on his experience as a youth and now his work as a young adult, Quincy provides insight of how to encourage youth to believe in their own voice, have youth create their own table (rather than inviting them to the "adult table") and continually re-educate yourself as a youth worker to truly meet the needs of youth in programs.