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    Climate projection data for Minnesota: Opportunities of climate data to accelerate climate resilience efforts across the State
    (2021) Clark, Suzanna; Roop, Heidi; Meek, Jeffrey; Stephens, Sharon; Blumenfeld, Kenneth; Hoppe, Brenda; Millberg, Laura; Mroz-Risse, Kristin; Tomlinson, Elizabeth; Wojchik, Eric
    In January 2021, a survey was distributed to assess climate projection information needs among potential users in Minnesota. 218 people from the private sector, academia, NGOs, and government answered questions about the usefulness of downscaled climate projection data, possible applications, and their preference for project leadership, funding, and management. The majority of respondents indicated that temperature and precipitation data would be useful at seasonal, monthly, and annual time scales. More than any other entity, the University of Minnesota was the preferred institution to lead the project and house the data. These survey results will inform the Dynamically Downscaled Climate Projections, a two-year project recently funded by the Minnesota State Legislature.