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    What Do Students Think and Feel about Research?
    (2023-01) Conerton, Kate; David, Mags; Jones, Kayleen
    How do students understand and feel about the research process? This article uses student writing and drawings to uncover where undergraduate students struggle while completing research assignments for upper-division writing courses. Student-created process maps and responses to reflection questions showed frustration while developing topics, uncertainty while choosing sources, and difficulty finding time to go through a complete process in a single semester. The structure and pacing of research assignments contributed to students’ frustration with and misunderstanding of the research process. These findings point to opportunities for improving student learning through new ways of understanding and structuring student assignments.
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    Faculty Publication Practices Report
    (2019) Grebinoski, Jodi Carlson; Miller, Chelsey; Pittman, Kim
    In spring 2018, the library completed a campus survey investigating user satisfaction with library services. Survey results reflected a high level of faculty interest in services related to copyright, publishing, and open access, but limited faculty awareness of existing services or support. In order to better understand faculty publishing practices and find areas of need for library support, library staff members obtained Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval to complete a research project focused on faculty experiences with and attitudes about author agreements, open access, and the publication process. In order to understand the perspectives of faculty members who are under the most pressure to publish, interviews were conducted with nine tenure-track faculty members who had not yet been promoted to Associate Professor. Participants represented disciplines from four of five UMD collegiate units, including the College of Education and Human Service Professions, College of Liberal Arts, Labovitz School of Business and Economics, and School of Fine Arts as well as the Medicine and Pharmacy Schools. Participants answered questions about their experiences with selecting a publication outlet, managing research data, evaluating or negotiating an author rights agreement, sharing their published work, and tracking its impact (see Appendix A for interview questions). Interviews ranged from 30-45 minutes in length and were recorded and transcribed, with the exception of two interviews in which recording equipment malfunctioned. In addition to conducting interviews, library staff members reviewed participants’ most recent author agreement; see Appendix B for a summary of this review.
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    Finding expertise in your own backyard: Creating communities of practice to support learning about the Framework
    (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020) Pittman, Kim; Mars, Amy; Brager, Trent
    This chapter will focus on successful strategies for creating ongoing professional development opportunities and building communities of practice around the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. Drawing on the authors’ experiences developing free and low-cost opportunities for Framework-related professional development as former co-chairs of the Minnesota Library Association Instruction Roundtable (IRT), our case study will demonstrate that many barriers to Framework-related professional development can be overcome by leveraging expertise from communities of practice and taking a user-centered approach to design. Using the 23 Framework Things program and interviews with program participants, we will highlight how the design and content of Framework-related professional development can draw on the learning theories that inform the Framework itself, be accessible to a wide range of audiences and local contexts by employing a flexible structure and provide a forum for librarians engaging in collaborative learning.
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    NRRI Peat Collection: Evaluating a Working Research Collection
    (2016-06-14) Enrici, Pam; Grebinoski, Jodi Carlson
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    A Syntactical Approach to Mr. Collins' Letter
    (Queens College Press, 1992) Wen, Shixing