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    Widegap semiconducting graphene from nitrogen seeded SiC
    (arXiv, 2013-06-18) Wang, F; Liu, G; Rothwell, S; Nevius, M; Tajeda, A; Taleb-Ibrahimi, A; Feldman, L C; Cohen, P I; Conrad, E H
    All carbon electronics based on graphene has been an elusive goal. For more than a decade, the inability to produce significant band-gaps in this material has prevented the development of semiconducting graphene. While chemical functionalization was thought to be a route to semiconducting graphene, disorder in the chemical adsorbates, leading to low mobilities, have proved to be a hurdle in its production. We demonstrate a new approach to produce semiconducting graphene that uses a small concentration of covalently bonded surface nitrogen, not as a means to functionalize graphene, but instead as a way to constrain and bend graphene. We demonstrate that a submonolayer concentration of nitrogen on SiC is sufficient to pin epitaxial graphene to the SiC interface as it grows, causing the graphene to buckle. The resulting 3-dimensional modulation of the graphene opens a band-gap greater than 0.7eV in the otherwise continuous metallic graphene sheet.