Nature, Society, and Thought (1987–2007)

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The Journal Nature, Society, and Thought (1987-2007) was a refereed interdisciplinary international journal of Marxist Studies containing articles and commentaries dealing with the application of dialectical- and historical-materialist methods to all fields of study. It also contained articles that are of particular interest to Marxist scholars even if not based on Marxist methods of analysis. The journal usually included a nonrefereed section called "Marxist Forum," presenting programmatic materials from or about Marxist political organizations from different countries. From time to time, special issues of the journal were devoted to articles on individual topics such as "Marxism and Religion," "Marx and Freud," "African American History and Marxist Historiography" or monographs such as Hans Heinz Holz's Downfall and Future of Socialism and James S. Allen's Organizing in the Depression South: A Communist's Memoir.

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