Nature, society, and thought: a journal of dialectical and historical materialism, Volume 20, Number 3-4 (July/October, 2007)

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Nature, society, and thought: a journal of dialectical and historical materialism, Volume 20, Number 3-4 (July/October, 2007)


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Marxist Educational Press


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ARTICLES: Victor G. Devinatz, “We Had a Utopia in the Union”: James Wright, the Farm Equipment Workers Union, and the Struggle for Civil Rights Unionism in Postwar Louisville, 1946–1952. Ethel Tobach, Identity of Comparative Psychology: Its Status and Advances in Evolutionary Theory and Genetics. Sinan Koont, Urban Agriculture in Cuba: Of, by, and for the Barrio. Yan Ma, Virtual Value of Natural Resources: A Marxist Explanation. CONFERENCES: The Socialist Market Economy and Other Theoretical Issues--NST Symposium, June 2007. Part 3. Armen Baghdoyan, Antagonism of Capitalist and Socialist Market Economies. Wang Zhongbao, Public Nature of Enterprises, Their Efficiency, and Economic Development. Phyllis Bailey, A Modern History of Sino-Canadian Relations. Zuang Junju, China’s Socialist Market Economy and Its Difference from Neoliberalism. Anthony Coughlan, The European Union Crisis Continues. Huang Xiaowu, China’s New Rural Cooperative Medical Service System. Kathleen Densmore, The Formation of Socialist Consciousness. Peter Fleissner, The Marxian Transformation Problem Revisited. Richard Fletcher, Can a Socialist Enterprise Survive in a Market Economy? Eddie J. Girdner, From Sea to Shining Sea: The Degradation of Social Welfare under Neoliberalism in the United States. Hermann Kopp, On G7/G8 Global Governance. Christine Jacqulyn McMahon, Mobilizing Sustainable Industries. Roger Marheine, Socialism before “Market Socialism”: Pedagogical and Political Considerations in Teaching David Hare’s Fanshen. John H. Moore, Free Goods and Primitive Communism: An Anthropological Perspective. David S. Pena, The Dictatorship of the Proletariat and the Socialist Market Economy. Arthur B. Shostak, Chinese Labor Unions and CyberUnionism. Renildo Souza, Classical Marxism, Socialism, and the Market. WORLD ASSOCIATION FOR POLITICAL ECONOMY: Statement on Marxism and Sustainable Development Adopted at the Third Forum of the World Association for Political Economy, Langfang, China, 24–25 May 2008. AUTHOR AND TITLE INDEX FOR VOLUMES 1 (1987)–20 (2007). ABSTRACTS (in English and French).

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Nature, society, and thought, Vol. 20, No. 3-4 (July/October 2007)

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