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    Seeing by Drawing: A Memorial Exhibition for Michael Plautz
    (2014) Boudewyns, Deborah K. Ultan; Plautz, Michael; Keating, Lindsay; Klug, Shannon
    The Art of Michael Plautz. Architects design buildings, of course, and Michael Plautz did that beautifully. But architects do something else: they see relationships and make connections that others overlook – and Michael Plautz did that beautifully as well, evident in the many paintings and drawings he created over his career. This work shows what intense, focused perception can produce and how art – like architecture – enables us to see relationships among things that might otherwise escape our eye. Through his art, Michael Plautz helped us view the world anew. His favorite medium – watercolor – also says something about how man architects think. Just as architecture consists of voids in the solids of a building, watercolor starts with the white space of the paper and builds the solids of the painting around it. Watercolor, like architecture, teaches us to see what isn’t there as much as what is, to recognize absence as well as presence. And once we grasp that paradox, so apparent in Michael Plautz’s work, we never see the world quite the same again. -Thomas Fisher College of Design
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    Monuments of Trash Art Project (MoTAP)
    (2013-05-28) Gravening, Tanya; Boudewyns, Deborah K. Ultan
    Tanya Gravening makes art that focuses on the problems caused by plastic pollution. Monuments of Trash Art Project (MoTAP) is a series of paintings, sculptures, and functional art objects to raise consciousness of plastic pollution. The creative process of MoTAP includes an opportunity for people to participate in the project by collecting plastic trash, which is then used to construct the art work.
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    Tale Spins: Water, Animals, and Ruins
    (2013-05-28) Boyd Brent, James; Boudewyns, Deborah K. Ultan; Klug, Shannon
    Artist and professor, James Boyd Brent’s new work —intaglios, incisions in rock, and drawings— is about ancillary narratives and half-stories. It illustrates moments that may or may not actually be stories, as such, but which allude to the way the mind concocts a world for itself, among worlds. This idea echoes the work of wood-engraver Thomas Bewick, best known for the small vignettes that he made to adorn the end of chapters, and which denote a sense of a story without the story ever actually being spelled out. Abound in his imagery are stories, but they do not necessarily correspond with the main text. In each, the viewer is drawn to look into a small, distinct and illuminated world. Tale-pieces: water, animals, and ruins points at the multilayered nature of existence, and is an invitation to ponder how consciousness lies between one thing and another—water and land, animals and people, growth and decay.
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    Sense of Place in Artist Books
    (2013-01-04) Kinoshita, Karen
    Part of the Mapping Spectral Traces series of exhibitions and events, this exhibition, curated by Karen Kinoshita, showcases artists’ books that feature the notion of place.
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    MERGE: Materials Methods Minds
    (2012-12-19) Carlson, Anna; Boudewyns, Deborah K. Ultan; Klug, Shannon
    A juried exhibition of University of Minnesota student and faculty work that showcases the creativity and boundary-breaking taking place within this academic community. The exhibit coincides with the International Surface Design Association conference, where much discussion revolves around the value, use, and merging of materials. By removing dividing lines between campuses and disciplines, the work submitted for this show exposes a cross-section of the multidisciplinary approaches artists and designers are using to combine materials and techniques to produce objects that speak of process, conflict, and reciprocity. The artists and designers used a variety of tangible materials including yarn, paper, ink, and thread to manifest the complex conceptual material derived from memory, contrast, environment, and ecology.
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    Layering Time and Motion: Paintings and installation by Joonja Lee Mornes
    (2012-12-19) Mornes, Joonja Lee; Boudewyns, Deborah K. Ultan; Klug, Shannon
    Artist, Joonja Lee Mornes, draws inspiration from watching nature in various lights through the seasons. Seasonal, temporal, and phenomenal changes were a constant part of Mornes’s observations while growing up in Korea. Since then her observations have turned from the rice fields to the prairie landscape. Selected paintings and new window installation pieces will be featured in the exhibit, Layering Time and Motion: Paintings and installation by Joonja Lee Mornes, in the Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library at the University of Minnesota, February 7th through April 29th, 2011.
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    Art in the Libraries 2010: Tangible Digital Matter
    (2012-12-19) Wallace, Jasmine; Balik, Tonya; Boudewyns, Deborah K. Ultan; Katsiaficas, Diane
    The Art in the Libraries 2010 exhibition Tangible Digital Matter celebrates digital media in the work of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff from the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota. All of the work in some way is shaped, affected, manipulated or informed by digital technology. Digital prints, ink jet and laser pieces, mixed media works, and installations integrate simple and complex digital facets with fabric, ceramics, photography, drawing, painting, and sculpture. The theme of the exhibit is particularly timely for the University Libraries. As books and information find their way more and more in digital form, researchers are, like artists, inventing and journeying through new paths of research praxis. Not only is the path of research and discovery new, but the end products are, also, finding new form and born digital. Tangible Digital Matter is a reflective and metaphoric show for the Libraries, inviting researchers to contemplate the visual manifestations of digital information as it integrates traditional and technologically formed media.
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    Art in the Libraries 2011: RESOURCE • RETURN • RECYCLE
    (2012-12-19) Balik, Tonya; Ostraff, Josh; Boudewyns, Deborah K. Ultan; Katsiaficas, Diane; Klug, Shannon
    The 2011 Art in the Libraries exhibition features a broad range of work by U of M students and faculty. The artists explore the theme RESOURCE • RETURN • RECYCLE as questions, factors, and implications to be interpreted both literally and conceptually. In this way, the exhibition reflects the condition, process, and cycle, which establish the identity of the artists' work.