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The Medical Bulletin began in 1929 as a set of case studies from various departments. Announcements, autopsy reports, and abstracts were added to the case studies in the early 1930s and the Medical Bulletin was used in general staff meetings for the University Hospitals at the University of Minnesota.

Beginning in 1931, the Citizen’s Aid Society began financing the publication of the more formal Staff Meeting Bulletin of the Hospitals of the University of Minnesota. They were published each week during the school year, October to May, for the General Staff Meeting. Beginning in 1940, the meetings occurred through June and funding for the publication was through the Citizen’s Aid Society, Alumni, and Friends.

In April of 1948, the publication became the Bulletin of the University of Minnesota Hospitals and Minnesota Medical Foundation, with support for the Bulletin coming from the newly established Minnesota Medical Foundation. At the beginning of the 1955-1956 school year, the title was changed to University of Minnesota Medical Bulletin. This was the “official publication of the University of Minnesota Hospitals, the Minnesota Medical Foundation, and the Minnesota Medical Alumni Association" but remained a report primarily for staff meetings that was published semi-monthly. Beginning in 1960, it was published monthly from September to June.

In 1969, the monthly publication of the University of Minnesota Medical Bulletin was produced by the Minnesota Medical Foundation in behalf of the University of Minnesota Medical School, University Hospitals, Minnesota Medical Alumni Association, and the Minnesota Medical Foundation. In September 1969, the Minnesota Medical Bulletin underwent a style change. Scientific material was no longer included, and the publication instead concentrated its efforts on strengthening the “people link” with graduates of the University Medical School. The Medical Bulletin was published bimonthly until 1973 when it became a quarterly publication. In 2010, it became a biannual publication.

This collection contains issues of Medical Bulletin from 1929 to June 1969. Issues published after June 1969 are available in a University of Minnesota Foundation collection.

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