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    1:Button Studio, Bio-Medical Library
    (Health Sciences Libraries, 2017) Health Sciences Libraries
    1:Button Studios are fully automated High Definition video recording spaces with professional studio lighting and sound equipment. They are setup to record high-quality video and audio without any knowledge of lighting and cameras. The Bio-Medical Library partnered with the Office of Information Technology to create the first library 1:Button Studio, which opened in February 2016. Instructors use the studio to record lectures as a part of a flipped classroom model and students use the space to record and practice presentations, as well as complete assignments.
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    Furniture Survey Analysis (Brief) - Bio-Medical Library, January 2017
    (2017-03) Health Sciences Libraries
    In the spring of 2016, the Bio-Medical Library at the University of Minnesota conducted a limited renovation of three floors of the library. Renovation elements included removal of a wall on the main level to open up user space adjacent to the service desk and primary entry; repainting; addition of power outlets and technology; improved signage for wayfinding; and new furniture for heavily used areas. The aims of the renovation were to brighten and update the user space, raise the visibility of library services and offer new types of technological space solutions to library users. The library was also conceptually zoned into spaces that would function to support different types of user needs: collaboration (public, interactive space) , learning (one-on-one consultations), productivity (specialized equipment and software) and quiet, individual study. During Fall semester 2016, the Bio-Medical Library asked library users to complete a paper-based survey how well the new furnishings met their needs. This document provides an overview of the survey and its key findings.
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    An Interprofessional Library in the Health Sciences Education Center
    (2016-08-03) Jaguszewski, Janice; Aspinall, Erinn E
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    Health Sciences Libraries Annual Report, January-December 2016
    (2016) Health Sciences Libraries
    The Health Sciences Libraries at the University of Minnesota looks back at accomplishments in 2016.
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    Library as Partner in the AHC
    (2017-01-17) Jaguszewski, Janice M; McGuire, Lisa
    This presentation offers a vision for what a health science library is and will be in the future, including connector, common good, creative catalyst, and service-rich environment available to all. Services related to research, education and professional practice are highlighted, as is the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine.
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    Final Report and Recommendations, Space Planning, Bio-Medical Library, November 18, 2014
    (2014-11-14) Health Sciences Libraries
    The Bio-Medical Library Space Planning Group was convened in Summer 2014 to address these selected deliverables: create a vision statement for the Bio-Medical Library as a physical place, identify our clientele and assess their needs, including trends in health sciences education and research, and identify potential partnerships with other campus units. Additional deliverables and recommendations are found in this final report.
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    Annual Report, Health Sciences Libraries, 2015/2016
    (2016) Health Sciences Libraries
    The Health Sciences Libraries (Bio-Medical Library, Wangensteen Historical Library, Veterinary Medical Library) annual report for 2015/2016 describes how we support the Academic Health Center (AHC) by providing knowledge through our vast collections, inspire advancements in health with our services, contribute to excellence in education and support customized information solutions for students, faculty, and staff.
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    Space as a Service: Advancing the Library’s Mission through Campus Collaboration within Library Spaces
    (2015-10) Jaguszewski, Janice M; Aspinall, Erinn E; McGuire, Lisa A.; Theis-Mahon, Nicole; Hendrickson, Lois; Sayre, Franklin D