Furniture Survey Analysis (Brief) - Bio-Medical Library, January 2017

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Furniture Survey Analysis (Brief) - Bio-Medical Library, January 2017

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In the spring of 2016, the Bio-Medical Library at the University of Minnesota conducted a limited renovation of three floors of the library. Renovation elements included removal of a wall on the main level to open up user space adjacent to the service desk and primary entry; repainting; addition of power outlets and technology; improved signage for wayfinding; and new furniture for heavily used areas. The aims of the renovation were to brighten and update the user space, raise the visibility of library services and offer new types of technological space solutions to library users. The library was also conceptually zoned into spaces that would function to support different types of user needs: collaboration (public, interactive space) , learning (one-on-one consultations), productivity (specialized equipment and software) and quiet, individual study. During Fall semester 2016, the Bio-Medical Library asked library users to complete a paper-based survey how well the new furnishings met their needs. This document provides an overview of the survey and its key findings.


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