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    Seeing and Tagging Things in Pictures
    (Representations (University of California Press), 2021-08) Hancher, Michael
    Despite modernist precepts, digital projects that use crowdsourcing to annotate large collections of images of paintings and book illustrations with “tags” have encouraged viewers to see things in pictures and to say what they see. Both personal image tagging (ekphrastic in function) and automatic image tagging challenge in different ways the proposition that a painting as such will elide recognizable content.
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    Sermons in Stones (editorial)
    (Minnesota Center for Advanced Studies in Language, Style, and Literary Theory, 1974) Hancher, Michael
    Discusses a poem by Robert Frost, "A Missive Missile," as dramatizing aspects of literary interpretation.
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    Re: Search and Close Reading
    (University of Minnesota Press, 2016) Hancher, Michael
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    The Law of Signatures
    (Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., 1992) Hancher, Michael
    In criticizing J. L. Austin's theory of speech acts, Jacques Derrida and Jonathan Culler have argued, in part, that Austin misunderstands how signatures function. They claim that he ignores the essentially formal and "iterable" structure of a signature -- a structure that betrays the absence of any subjective consciousness on the part of the signer. I argue that their concept of iterability does not fully apply to this case. Rather, legal practice in England and the United States countenances a wide range of variation for signatures, variation that is consistent with and legitimized by Austinian assumptions about personal agency. The fact that the legal situation is somewhat different in France may explain the structure of Derrida's argument.
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    Hunt's Awakening Conscience
    (Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies, 1995) Hancher, Michael
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    Speech Acts and the Law
    (Georgetown University Press, 1980) Hancher, Michael