Do LGB Students Feel Safe and Why Does it Matter

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Do LGB Students Feel Safe and Why Does it Matter

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I investigated the impact of sports on Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual students in terms of Positive Youth Development (PYD), feeling safe, and being bullied. The measures contained in PYD and being bullied are tested for measurement invariance. The data from the study were obtained from the 2016 Minnesota Student Survey with a sample size of 161,224. Multiple group confirmatory factor analysis was performed to test for invariance between groups. Linear and logistic regressions were used to describe the connection between feeling safe, bullying, and PYD measures. Results indicate that there is a positive association between sports participation and PYD during out of school time. We observed a decrease in the amount of bullying yet an increase for LGB students who participated in sports. LGB students had an association with lower levels of skills and supports and can partially be explained by feeling less safe and higher levels of being bullied. There is evidence for configural invariance, with weak and strong invariance being rejected.



This is a Plan B Masters Thesis for an MA in Quantitative Methods of Education

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