Intergenerational Village, Slayton, MN

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Intergenerational Village, Slayton, MN

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This project, led by the non-profit organization Operation Prairie Venture (OPV) and partners, envisions an intergenerational village in Slayton, Minnesota with independent and assisted living options, community engagement spaces, and other amenities, including a childcare center. Working with other partners in Murray County and beyond, it aims to establish an intergenerational village that offers residences for older adults, assisted living, memory care, and a childcare center.


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Operation Prairie Venture (OPV) intends to create an intergenerational residential setting to house older adults, care for young children, and enrich the community. At this time, OPV is working on multiple fronts to be a national model for intergenerational elder care. Expanding on existing national and international elder care arrangements, OPV will build a model for supporting older adults who wish to age in a welcoming rural environment. The University of Minnesota Extension Southwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership (Southwest RSDP) is a community-driven board of directors working with community members across the region to create and sustain healthy ecosystems, strong local economies and vibrant, self-reliant rural towns. The Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) pursues its urban and regional mission by facilitating and supporting connections between state and local governments, neighborhoods, nonprofit organizations, and relevant resources at the University, including faculty and students from appropriate campuses, colleges, centers or departments. The Center for Sustainable Building Research (CSBR) is working to transform the built environment in ways that provide for the ecological, economic, and social needs of the present without compromising those of the future. CSBR’s Design for Community Resilience program works with Minnesota communities to offer place-based, integrated solutions is based on state-of-the art sustainability and regenerative design research to address economic, social and environmental dimensions at multiple scales.

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