Lake Superior moored temperature and currents, Spring 2015 to Spring 2021

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Lake Superior moored temperature and currents, Spring 2015 to Spring 2021

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Austin, Jay A




This document describes the data archive for 2015-2020 Lake Superior moorings. Data types include temperature, velocity, and acoustic backscatter. Temperature data comes from thermistors and 𝜒pods while velocity and acoustic backscatter intensity data comes from Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs). Covered in this dataset are 46 mooring deployments, 514 thermistor records, 10 𝜒pod records, and 26 ADCP records. This archival entry covers moorings deployed in 2015 through 2020; data from 2020 deployments extends into 2021. See also the previous archival entry for 2005-2014 deployments (Austin and Elmer 2021) and archival entries for the Radiatively Driven Convection (RDC) deployments of 2019 (Austin 2020) and 2021 (Elmer and Austin in progress).


Temperature data is presented in two different forms. First, individual, raw temperature records are presented in directories corresponding to individual mooring deployments. In addition, a separate directory includes hourly, gridded data from each individual mooring deployment, which are likely of more interest to investigators. Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) data is presented in raw form. All data is presented in MATLAB format.

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National Science Foundation, Great Lakes Observing System

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National Science Foundation, Great Lakes Observing System

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Mooring archive description.pdfDescription of data506.55 KB
mooring summary table.xlsxSummary table of mooring deployments13.56 KB
ADCP summary table.xlsxSummary table of Acoustic Doppler Current Meter (ADCP) data10.9 KB
thermistor summary table.xlsxSummary table of individual thermistor deployments35.01 KB
WireWalker summary table.xlsxSummary table of WireWalker deployments9.65 KB
hourly data 2015-2020.zipHourly-averaged data, 2015-202076.71 MB
2015 mooring deployments.zip4.08 GB
2016 mooring deployments.zip5.44 GB
2017 NICE mooring deployments part 1.zip9.72 GB
2017 NICE mooring deployments part 2.zip8.78 GB
2017 regular mooring deployments.zip11.79 GB
2018 mooring deployments.zip4.98 GB
2019 mooring deployments.zip22.16 GB
2020 mooring deployments.zip2.04 GB

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