Mathematical Modeling For Cross-Irondequoit Tunnel And Associated Facility

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Mathematical Modeling For Cross-Irondequoit Tunnel And Associated Facility

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St. Anthony Falls Laboratory




The Cross-Irondequoit tunnel was originally desic;Jned as a tl:"unk sewer whose main fUnct;i.on was to convey the combineel flow to a pumping station. This system (Fig. 1-1) is located in a developing section of Rochester, New York. It is currently underutili~ed, and it is not expectep to reach cap.acity for another 50 yea:t::'s. ~he system studied consists of a 7 £t elia ... meter, 3 mile long, pO:t::'tion of the Itondequoit Creek interceptor, which ends at the Browncroft junction chamber, followed by a short 12 ft diametet section joining the junction chamber to the transition chamber and a 16 ft diameter, 6 mile long, tunnel connecting the transition chamber and the pumping station. From there the flow is pumped through pressurized conduits to a waste water treatment plant. Eventually,another tunnel will also drain into the wet well.



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Monroe County Division Of Pure Water Irondequoit Bay Pure Waters District

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Song, Charles C. S.; Leung, Kim Sau. (1980). Mathematical Modeling For Cross-Irondequoit Tunnel And Associated Facility. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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