Climatic changes in southern Connecticut recorded by pollen deposition at Rogers Lake

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Climatic changes in southern Connecticut recorded by pollen deposition at Rogers Lake

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Rates of deposition of pollen grains throughout late- and postglacial time were determined from the pollen concentration in radiocarbon-dated sediment. Changes by a factor of 5 or more for all except rare pollen types from one level to the next were considered significant indication of changes in the pollen input to the lake, reflecting changes in the pollen productivity of the surrounding vegetation. Low pollen deposition rates in the oldest sediments reflect the prevalence of tundra vegetation between 14,000 and 12,000 years ago. An increase in the rate for tree pollen occurred 12,000 years ago, when boreal woodland became established. The rates continued to increase until a sudden sharp rise for white pine, hemlock, poplar, oak, and maple pollen 9,000 years ago marked the establishment of forest, similar perhaps to modern forests of the northern Great Lakes region. Pine pollen rates declined 8,000 years ago, and deciduous tree pollen became dominant. Ragweed pollen was deposited at relatively high rates 8,000 years ago, reflecting changes in the vegetation associated with the "prairie period" recorded in the Great Lakes region at this time. Subsequent changes in pollen deposition rates reflect the immigration of beech (6,500 years B.P.), hickory (5,500 years B.P.), and chestnut (2,000 B.P.) to southern Connecticut. During the past few hundred years pollen deposition rates reflect changes in the vegetation caused by disturbance by European settlers. Throughout much of postglacial time the pollen assemblages deposited at Rogers Lake are different from assemblages known from modern sediment. This makes climatic interpretation difficult and suggests that the forest associations of the region as they are recognized now are of quite recent origin.



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Davis, Margaret B. "Climatic Changes in Southern Connecticut Recorded by Pollen Deposition at Rogers Lake." Ecology 50.3 (1969): 409-22.

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