Supporting Data for Ductile Gas Barrier Poly(ester-amide)s Derived from Glycolide

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Supporting Data for Ductile Gas Barrier Poly(ester-amide)s Derived from Glycolide

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Hillmyer, Marc




The development of promising sustainable gas barrier materials, such as polyglycolide, poly(L-lactide), and poly(ethylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate) is an important alternative strategy to traditional plastics used for packaging where low gas permeability is beneficial. However, high degrees of crystallinity in these materials can lead to undesirably low material toughness. We report poly(ester-amide)s derived from glycolide and diamines exhibiting both high toughness and desirable gas barrier properties. These sustainable poly(ester-amide)s were synthesized from glycolide-derived diamidodiols and diacids. To understand structure-property relationships of poly(ester-amide)s, polymers with different numbers of methylene groups were compared with respect to thermal, mechanical, and gas barrier properties. As the number of methylene groups between ester groups increased, the melting temperature decreased and oxygen permeability increased in the even numbered methylene group series. We also found that they are readily degradable under neutral, acidic, and basic hydrolytic conditions. These high performance poly(ester-amide)s are promising sustainable alternatives to conventional gas barrier materials.


These files contain data along with associated output from instrumentation supporting all results in the referenced paper. The folders contain each series of data in a subfolder including ChemDraw, NMR, DSC, SEC, IR, TGA, WAXD, Tensile testing, OTR, WVTR, and TOC data for all Figures and Tables. The readme file further describes the individual files.

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Jang, Y.-J., Sangroniz, L., Hillmyer, M.A. (2022). Ductile Gas Barrier Poly(ester-amide)s Derived from Glycolide.

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National Science Foundation Center for Sustainable Polymers (CHE-1901635)

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Jang, Yoon-Jung; Sangroniz, Leire; Hillmyer, Marc. (2022). Supporting Data for Ductile Gas Barrier Poly(ester-amide)s Derived from Glycolide. Retrieved from the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM),
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Raw Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.zipNMR spectra5.42 MB
Raw Differential Scanning Calorimetry.zipDSC data500.12 KB
Raw Size Exclusion Chromatography.zipSEC data640.12 KB
Raw Infrared Spectroscopy.zipIR data21.21 KB
Raw Thermogravimetric Analysis.zipTGA data341.3 KB
Raw Wide Angle Xray Diffraction.zipWAXD data20.97 KB
Raw Tensile Testing.zipTensile testing data724.38 KB
Raw Oxygen Transmission Rate.zipOTR data2.45 KB
Raw Water Vapor Transmission Rate.zipWVTR data3.76 KB
Reaction Chemdraw Schemes.zipReaction Schemes17.27 KB
Raw Total Organic Carbon.zipTOC data2.22 KB
README.txtDescription of data24.22 KB

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