Materials to re-create Predicting Surface Oscillations in Lake Superior from Normal Mode Dynamics

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Materials to re-create Predicting Surface Oscillations in Lake Superior from Normal Mode Dynamics

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Kelly, Samuel M


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A recent manuscript examined surface oscillations in Lake Superior using observations and the MIT general circulation model (MITgcm). This submission includes the functions to analyze the observations, the configuration and post-processing files for the MITgcm, and Matlab scripts that recreate the figures in the manuscript.


There are three folders (compressed in .zip format). Each folder has an associated plain-text documentation file that includes detailed information about its contents. The folders are: (1) MITgcm, (2) analysis_scripts, and (3) plotting_scripts. The first folder includes all compile-time and run-time options for the MITgcm simulations. It also includes Matlab scripts and functions to generate MITgcm input files and post-process MITgcm output files. The MITgcm source code is available at The second folder contains the Matlab scripts to process tide gauge (lake level) data collected by the US and Canadian governments. The third folder contains Matlab scripts and functions that re-create the figures included in Kelly et al. (2024). All of the data needed for these scripts are included in the folder.

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Kelly, S. M., Mansur, M., & Green, E. (2024). Predicting surface oscillations in Lake Superior from normal mode dynamics. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 54(2), 427-444.

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National Science Foundation, OCE-PO 1635560
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 80NSSC20K1331

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Kelly, Samuel M. (2024). Materials to re-create Predicting Surface Oscillations in Lake Superior from Normal Mode Dynamics. Retrieved from the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM),
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