Sustainable Career Management for the Visual Artist: An Innovative Prototype

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Sustainable Career Management for the Visual Artist: An Innovative Prototype

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In order for visual art students to be successful as professionals post-graduation there needs to be a career plan initiated early in the arts curriculum of the post secondary visual arts education system. Directed by the student and supported by the institution, career management is critical for the sustainability of a visual arts career. Using the design thinking process, this study collected and analyzed data from surveys and interviews with students, arts administrators, professional artists, and subject experts in the Twin Cities area. Focusing on current career development coursework, topics, timing, and definitions of success for the visual artist, this study examines what is being provided now, what needs to be provided, and offers an innovative prototype for the sustainable career management for the visual artist. Reflecting on the changes in the visual arts profession, this study concludes that visual artists must not only be committed and disciplined in their arts practices, but also entrepreneurial in addressing social and cultural issues in a global world.


University of Minnesota master's thesis. Summer 2013. Degree: Master of Liberal Studies. Advisors: David Husom and Virajita Singh. 1 computer file (PDF)

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Hendricks, Jo Ann. (2013). Sustainable Career Management for the Visual Artist: An Innovative Prototype. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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