Provost’s Charge to Task Force on College Design: CEHD/GC

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Provost’s Charge to Task Force on College Design: CEHD/GC

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University of Minnesota: Office of the Provost




Letter and supporting documents comprising the charge to the Provost’s Academic Task Force on College Design: College of Education and Human Development/General College.


From the letter: "Attached are documents that, taken together, comprise the charge to your task force. • Attachment A contains an articulation of the University’s overall goal and assigns to the task force the responsibility of retaining an “eye on the prize.” Each of the issues identified in Attachment A, which is part of the charge of every task force, must be addressed. • Attachment B contains criteria to be addressed by each task force. These criteria are drawn from the action strategies identified in the strategic positioning report Advancing the Public Good: Securing the University’s Leadership Position in the 21st Century (February 2005). It is critical that each task force consider how its work can further each of the five broad action strategies. • Attachment C contains the mission and deliverables specific to your task force, along with the date on which your task force report and recommendations are due. • Attachment D contains the criteria for decision making, taken directly from the February strategic positioning report. Each task force should use these criteria as a framework for decision making. • Attachment E contains a diagram of the process to be used by each task force. Note in particular the periods of required consultation with stakeholders."

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Sullivan, E. Thomas. (2005). Provost’s Charge to Task Force on College Design: CEHD/GC. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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