Intelligence Tradecraft for the Third Millennium

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Intelligence Tradecraft for the Third Millennium

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National Intelligence Academy of Romania (Mihai Viteazul)


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INTELLIGENCE TRADECRAFT FOR THE THIRD MILLENNIUM Argument The fifteen years that have already elapsed of the third millennium have posed new challenges to intelligence organizations. Old methods, concepts and approaches have gradually become obsolete as the nature of the threats faced by modern states evolved from the classical to the asymmetric. Further, technological developments, new actors, social movements and the growing need for accountability have changed intelligence organizations beyond anything known at the end of the previous century. Yet, while the outside world has evolved, intelligence theory remains anchored in approaches developed over the second half of the twentieth century. The classical confrontation of state actors, the overriding need for secrecy, the absence of private organizations in the intelligence field, all of these coupled with national perspectives still dominate conceptualization within intelligence theory. When confronting the practitioner of today, intelligence theory fails to represent a meaningful depiction of the reality that he or she interacts with on a daily basis. Within this context, the publication of a volume containing reflections on the interaction between third millennium realities and the intelligence organization becomes imperative. Issues of management and resilience, intelligence collection and analysis, counterintelligence and cyber-warfare, cooperation among states and with the business sector will be addressed in separate chapters of this book. Moreover, given the revival of debates on oversight and legality, the volume will offer meaningful responses to these challenges. This publication aims to construct a trans-Atlantic bridge, bringing together a Romanian and an American editor, engaged in a dialogue on topics central to the existence and role of intelligence organizations in the twenty-first century.


What is here is the "Argument" (Romanian for executive summary or abstract) and the Table of Contents. Chapters had entries from both English language and Romanian specialists in their topics, like Counterintelligence. This text was 90% completed when bureaucratic changes at their end stopped devoting resources to what new bosses saw as strictly academic objectives. Whether professors at ANIMV followed through or not is unknown at this time.

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This draft of a new textbook for 'Third Millennium' intelligence professionals got a long way and may still exist in the archives of Romania's "SRI" or internal intelligence service. That runs their National Intelligence Academy which trains intelligence personnel for all of their services except the military.

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