Thor Flight 79

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Thor Flight 79

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Date: 10/30/2012 Location: ACRC Aircraft: Thor, GPS FASER Pilot: Arion Mangio Flights: 4 Thor, 1 GPS FASER Low Speed Taxi Weather Clear skies, winds down the runway around 10 mph. METAR (Anoka County) KANE 301850Z 36010G15KT 10SM SCT200 09/M02 A3012 KANE 302055Z 36010G16KT 10SM SCT200 11/M03 A3009 Adhika, Andrei, Arion, and Brian arrived at ACRC around 2:00pm to test a quaternion navigation filter on Thor during a manual flight and to gather closed-loop pitch doublet data to characterize the closed-loop response of the aircraft in the longitudinal axis. Additionally, two waypoint tracking algorithms were tested on Thor, an expanding square and a sector search. Finally, static and low speed taxi ground test data was gathered on GPS FASER for Adhika's research and to quantify the quality of GPS reception for the three receivers in an open sky environment. Thor flight 79 was conducted using the revised waypoint guidance algorithm (path_track_newexpanding.c). This consists of an expanding rectangular pattern for the aircraft and appeared to work as expected.

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