Statewide Cycloplan: Bicycle Planning Tool & Participatory GIS

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Statewide Cycloplan: Bicycle Planning Tool & Participatory GIS

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Center for Transportation Studies University of Minnesota




This project extended the existing Cyclopath and Cycloplan bicycle routing and planning system. The primary goal of this project was to develop a statewide bicycle map. The map was intended to serve multiple purposes, including: • Giving people throughout Minnesota easy access to bicycle routing information, thus making it easier for them to utilize bicycling as transportation; • Supporting long-distance bicycle travel and bicycle travel outside of urban areas; • Compiling disparate sets of bikeways data -- from different sources and in different formats -- into a single, unified dataset and tool; • Serving as a collaborative tool for public participation and inter-agency cooperation. We achieved these goals by working closely with relevant stakeholders – both end users and planners – over the life of this project. The result is a version of Cyclopath that: • Enables bicycle routing for the entire state of Minnesota; • Features a significantly simplified and improved end-user interface; • Adds useful new features for transportation planners.


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Terveen, Loren. (2015). Statewide Cycloplan: Bicycle Planning Tool & Participatory GIS. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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