1958 Twin Cities Land Use Map from the Twin Cities Metropolitan Planning Commission, GIS Data Files

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Bounding box (W, S, E, N): -93.770810, 44.468717, -92.725647, 45.303848

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1958 Twin Cities Land Use Map from the Twin Cities Metropolitan Planning Commission, GIS Data Files

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Levinson, David M.


Observational Data


High-quality GIS land use maps for the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area for 1958 that were developed from paper maps (no GIS version existed previously).


The GIS shapefiles were exported using ArcGIS Quick Import Tool from the Data Interoperability Toolbox. The coverage files was imported into a file geodatabase then exported to a .shp file for long-term use without proprietary software. An example output of the final GIS file is include as a pdf, in addition, a scan of the original 1958 map (held in the UMN Borchert Map Library) is included as a pdf. Metadata was extracted as an xml file. Finally, all associated coverage files and original map scans were zipped into one file for download and reuse.

Referenced by

Levinson, David, and Wei Chen (2007) "Area Based Models of New Highway Route Growth." ASCE Journal of Urban Planning and Development 133(4) 250-254.
Levinson, David and Wei Chen (2005) "Paving New Ground" in Access to Destinations (ed. David Levinson and Kevin Krizek) Elsevier Publishers.

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MnDOT Report 2003-37


Contract #: (c) 81655 (wo) 8


Minnesota Department of Transportation


If They Come, Will You Build It? Urban Transportation Network Growth Models.

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Chen, Wei; Levinson, David M. (2013). 1958 Twin Cities Land Use Map from the Twin Cities Metropolitan Planning Commission, GIS Data Files. Retrieved from the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM), http://dx.doi.org/10.13020/D6059J.
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L1958_poly.zipGIS shapefile573.24 KB
1958metadata.xmlGIS Metadata for Shapefile3.71 KB
1958originalmap.pdfScan of Paper Map45.11 MB
1958gisdataexport.pdfExample GIS Output (for viewing purposes)362.98 KB
1958 Twin Cities Land Use Map.zipOriginal ArcGIS Data Files (includes ArcInfo Coverage files)90.21 MB

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