Stream Restoration Toolbox [2007]

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Stream Restoration Toolbox [2007]

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Nguyen, Charles


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The Stream Restoration Toolbox consists of current basic research cast into the form of tools that can be used by practitioners. The toolbox contains models, code, websites, and small applications that are useful for applied stream restoration Tools are free to download and use. The Toolbox is not limited to NCED but is open to all contributors. Tools are listed in alphabetical order. Tool title: Bank Stabilization Diagnosis Tool purpose: Determination as to whether or not bank stabilization should be a part of a river restoration scheme Primary tool author: J. Wesley Lauer File(s): BankStabilizationDiagnosisTool(ppt) Tool title: The Dam Remover: Mark I Tool purpose: Models the morphodynamics of the channel that incises reservoir sediments following dam removal. Primary tool author: Alessandro Cantelli File(s): DamRemoverMARK1(ppt) DamRemoverMARK1_front_view(mpg) DamRemoverMARK1_plan_view(mpg) Tool title: The Gravel River Bankfull Channel Estimator Tool purpose: This tool consists of a set of regression relations for predicting bankfull geometry of mobile-bed single-thread gravel bed streams in terms of bankfull discharge and bed surface median grain size. Primary tool author: Gary Parker File(s): BankfullChannelEstimator_v2(ppt) & GravelBankfullData(xls) Tool title: The Gravel River Bankfull Discharge Estimator Tool purpose: This tool consists of an equation to estimate bankfull discharge in an undisturbed (reference) reach of a single-thread, mobile-bed gravel-bed stream from measured channel characteristics. Primary tool author: Gary Parker File(s): BankfullDischargeEstimator_v2(ppt) & GravelBankfullData(xls) Tool title: Planform Statistics Tool purpose: Tools to assist in calculating planform statistics (width, curvature, channel migration rate). Primary tool author: J. Wesley Lauer File(s): PlanformStatisticsTools(ppt) Planform_statistics_tools_v91(mxd) Note - download to same directory Planform_statistics_tools_v91_2 Tool title: Sand Bed Calculator Tool purpose: Calculator to estimate bed geometry and bedload transport from sand bed surveys. Primary tool author: Brandon McElroy File(s): SandBedCalc(ppt) SandBedCalc(xls) Ebook: 1D Sediment Transport Morphodynamics with applications to: Rivers and Turbidity Currents Tool Purpose: This ebook is an amazing resource containing fundamental and applied lectures on rivers and turbidity currents as well as many other geomorphic processes. The main lectures are in PowerPoint. These lectures are linked to Excel files, most of which serve as graphical user interfaces for code in Visual Basic for Applications. Extended explanation is given in Word. Phenomena are illustrated with mpeg video clips. Author: Dr. Gary Parker, University of Illinois, Urbana Status: In development. Tool title: Spawning Habitat Integrated Rehabilitation Approach (SHIRA) Tool purpose: This website provides a comprehensive introduction to the issues and concepts surrounding spawning habitat rehabilitation on regulated rivers. The website includes description of the SHIRA framework, case studies, and reference list. Primary tool author: Professer Greg Pasternack, University of California-Davis Tool title: The Spawning Gravel Refresher Tool purpose: Allows design of controlled flood releases from dams combined with gravel feeding to restore over-coarsened and immobile former gravel spawning grounds. Primary tool author: Gary Parker Status: In development. Tool title: The Threshold Channel Calculator Tool purpose: Design of a threshold channel in an e.g., urban setting, for which the sediment supply has been cut off. Primary tool author: Peter Wilcock Status: In development.


Several tools for applied stream restoration.

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Marr, Jeff; Cantelli, Alessandro; McElroy, Brandon; Parker, Gary; Lauer, Wesley. (2024). Stream Restoration Toolbox [2007]. Retrieved from the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM),
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