Appropriateness fit and criterion-related validity

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Appropriateness fit and criterion-related validity

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Unmotivated or suspicious test takers in concurrent validation studies can cause numerous problems for test users. The effects of these problems, however, have not been carefully examined. This study used item response theory-based appropriateness fit indexes to identify and remove from a validation sample those examinees whose response patterns did not match their trait levels (e.g., examinees with low trait levels who answered difficult items correctly). The person-fit index lzm described in Drasgow, Levine, & Williams (1985) had little effect on validities. The multitest index lzm described by Drasgow & Hulin (1990) was more promising. Implications for selection research and practice are discussed. Index terms: aberrant response patterns, appropriateness fit, concurrent validity, distorted responses, item response theory, person fit.



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Schmitt, Neal, Cortina, Jose M & Whitney, David J. (1993). Appropriateness fit and criterion-related validity. Applied Psychological Measurement, 17, 143-150. doi:10.1177/014662169301700204

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