Supporting Data Analysis for "An Application of Envelope Methodology and Aster Models"

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Lowry, D.B. and Willis, J.H. (2010)

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Supporting Data Analysis for "An Application of Envelope Methodology and Aster Models"

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Eck, Daniel J


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This dataset contains the technical report that provides supporting data analysis for the paper "An Application of Envelope Methodology and Aster Models". R package "knitr" processes the source file (Rnw) and incorporates the information in the R workspace (RData) files to compile the technical report (pdf). This process reproduces all the tables and figures from the paper and hence the entire data analysis reported in the paper. The tabulated data (csv) came from Lowry, D.B. and Willis, J.H. (2010) and is used to demonstrate the envelope methodology.


The first four files are the same technical report saved in the pdf, Rnw, txt, and tex formats. The pdf file is compiled from the source file (Rnw). The txt file is the archival version of the source file (Rnw). The tex file is the intermediary output when the source file (Rnw) is run in R (version>=2.10.0) and serves as an archival version for the compiled source file. The procedures of boostrapping and model selections were performed in R and the output in the R workspace are stored in RData files. The RData files are loaded into the technical report (pdf) as it is being compiled from the source file. The csv file contains data from the Lowry and Willis (2010) research. It has observed characteristics on 2313 Mimulus guttatus flowers. These data are used to illustrate the second example in the technical report.

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Eck, D.J., Geyer, C.J., and Cook, R.D. (2016). An Application of Envelope Methodology and Aster Models. In prep.



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envlpaster-fit-boot-Efron-techreport.pdfTechnical Report331.54 KB
envlpaster-fit-boot-Efron-techreport.RnwSource File for Technical Report68.89 KB
envlpaster-fit-boot-Efron-techreport.txtArchival Version of Source File68.89 KB
envlpaster-fit-boot-Efron-techreport.texArchival Version of Compiled Source File99.92 KB
ex1-Efronboot.RDataSupporting Calculations (Example1-Top Level of Bootstrapping)59.97 MB
ex1-secondboot.RDataSupporting Calculations (Example1-Second Level of Bootstrapping)76.48 MB
ex1-AIC.RDataSupporting Calculations (Example1-Efficiency Gain Based on AIC)76.48 MB
techreport_eigenboot_fitboot.RDataSupporting Calculations (Example1-Bootstrapped Estimator of Variability)75.34 MB
main-all-terms-DavidLowrydata.RDataSupporting Calculations (Example 2)2.03 MB
Aster_across_sites_DIV1.csvRaw Data File (Example 2)49.27 KB
readme.txtFile Documentation7.38 KB

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