Advancing Transportation Equity: Research and Practice

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Advancing Transportation Equity: Research and Practice

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Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota




Transportation contributes to many societal outcomes, including employment, health, and wealth. However, disparities and inequities in transportation systems, services, and decision-making processes disproportionately impact underserved and underrepresented communities. This study seeks to create a better understanding of current research and practice and recommend future research and practice that can advance transportation equity in Minnesota. To that end, the research team conducted a literature review that summarizes recent developments in the field of transportation equity, reviewed existing equity-focused programs within and beyond the transportation sector, and engaged multiple stakeholder groups, including a project advisory group with experts in addressing disparities and inequities, a group of transportation users and equity stakeholders, and community members. The study presents a working definition of transportation equity, recommends action steps for MnDOT and its partners to consider in advancing transportation equity, and identifies directions for future research and practice that can advance transportation equity in the state of Minnesota.


Yingling Fan is the corresponding author:

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Van Dort, Leoma; Guthrie, Andrew; Fan, Yingling; Baas, Gina. (2019). Advancing Transportation Equity: Research and Practice. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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