Transitway Data Management Project

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Transitway Data Management Project

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Center for Transportation Studies




The purpose of this project is make data available for studying the impact of transitways in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. We are doing this in two ways: 1) documenting the databases used by University of Minnesota researchers funded by the TIRP – Transitways Impact Research Program and 2) developing a directory of public and private data sources that could be used by future TIRP researchers. This report documents work done to accomplish those goals. Preliminary work has been done using the Minnesota Metadata Guidelines to document two completed TIRP projects. Ten new data sources have been added to MetroGIS’s DataFinder catalog, along with two new data categories. These sources and categories are documented in the report.


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Borah, Jason C.; Craig, William J.. (2010). Transitway Data Management Project. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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