Child Welfare News #30—Summer 2007

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Child Welfare News #30—Summer 2007


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Table of Contents Minn-LInK Presents at CJI Conference in May, Raising Healthy Anishinaabe Children—A Developmental Asset Approach, New Populations in Rural Counties: Implications for Child Welfare, CASCW Involved in the Disability and Parental Rights Legislative Change Project, Child Sexual Abuse: Understanding the Issues, An Invitational Forum on Evidence-Based Practice in Child Welfare in the Context of Cultural Competency, CASCW’s 8th Annual ITV/VPC Teleconference, Minnesota Child Welfare Training Center (MCWTS) Transition Update, New Executive Director for CASCW, IV-E Student Perspective: Child Welfare Scholar’s Experience in Peru



Child Welfare News was the newsletter of CASCW from 1992 to 2010. Its purpose was to inform the child welfare community on current practice, policy and evaluation efforts. It also included updates on the child welfare activities of the Center’s Title IV-E alumni and articles or announcements pertaining to Center-sponsored events. CASCW produced one edition in both the fall and spring semesters.

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