Weigh-Pad-Based Portable Weigh-in-Motion System User Manual

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Weigh-Pad-Based Portable Weigh-in-Motion System User Manual

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Minnesota Department of Transportation




A complete portable weigh-in-motion (PWIM) system consists of a pair of weigh-pads (one for upstream and the other for downstream), a controller which translates raw load signals to WIM data, and an optional external battery pack. The weigh-pad dimensions are one foot wide and 24 feet long, covering two lanes. This document describes how to install and remove weigh-pads using the recommended tools and setup of the controller. The operation of controller that includes initial setup and calibration is described step-by-step. The controller stores WIM data in the controller hard disk using a comma separated values (CSV) format; the details of the CSV file naming convention and column formats are described.


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Kwon, Taek M.. (2016). Weigh-Pad-Based Portable Weigh-in-Motion System User Manual. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy, https://hdl.handle.net/11299/180137.

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