Connect! [Winter 2008]

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Connect! [Winter 2008]

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University of Minnesota: College of Education and Human Development




As we enter the second half of the academic year, I look back with pride on an autumn and winter once again filled with focused hard work that led to amazing achievements. Our College’s commitment to serve as a model for most “impact-full” engagement—one component of our guiding vision and mission—continues to take shape in multiple collaborations and initiatives that reach across our departments, centers, and administrative units, linking us with outside communities both far and near. In one initiative a team of faculty, students, and staff brought clinical talents, much needed supplies, and assessment and referral abilities to hard-hit areas of the Gulf Coast. Other members of our College community offered their unique skills and support to those affected by a tragedy closer to home—the Interstate 35W bridge collapse. From Dean Bailey’s introduction.


Vol. 2, No. 2 • Winter 2008. Connect! Education Funding & Equity : wrestling with the dilemma

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