Connect [Winter 2010]

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Connect [Winter 2010]

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University of Minnesota: College of Education and Human Development


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Come together: Collective leadership brings parents to the principal’s office. Steering higher education: Alumni Ngoh-Tiong Tan, Mary Brabeck, David Pearson, Kate Steffens, Rich Wagner, and Thomas Jandris take the helm of top universities. The long view: New Dean Jean Quam plans for the college through 2020 and beyond. Making leaders: Innovative programs help undergraduates forge their own paths. A winding path: Doctoral student Kristi Kremers represents all graduate students. Empowering teachers: Through mentoring and coaching, classroom educators shape schools.


Vol. 4, No. 2 • Connect. Winter/Spring 2010. Leadership in schools, on campus, in higher education. Plus an interview with new Dean Quam.

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