Cardea SOLO and Televet measurements on 12 horses

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Cardea SOLO and Televet measurements on 12 horses

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Durward-Akhurst, Sian A




The Cardea SOLOTM (CS) is a single-use monitor with automated ECG analysis software allowing for ECG monitoring for approximately 7 days. ECGs were performed on 12 healthy horses simultaneously using both devices for 24 hours on day 1 and day 7, with the CS left in place for all seven days. Bland-Altman analysis and intraclass correlation were performed to test for agreement between the two devices for standard ECG measurements performed on both ECG traces.


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Durward-Akhurst, Sian A; Hauser, Robert G; Dias, Tatiana D; McCue, Molly E. (2024). Cardea SOLO and Televet measurements on 12 horses. Retrieved from the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM),
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TD_combined_all.txtAll 12 horses6.41 KB
8_horses_combined.txt8 horses with synchronous ECGs2.29 KB
Readme_durward-akhurst.txtDescription of the data7.32 KB

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