#QueerIs Poster Campaign


#QueerIs Poster Campaign

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#QueerIs highlights, honors, and celebrates the infinite galaxy of possibilities and experiences intertwined within Queer identities. LGBTQIA+ folx have, and continue to, face and overcome countless attempts to erase, eradicate, and silence our existence. Many folx within our community, specifically Black Trans Women, continue to lose their lives due to systematic and targeted hate, violence, and phobia. Despite the odds, Queer people persist. Queer people create. Queer people thrive. Queer people, including Queer People of Color, continue to be the blueprint for safety, community care, family dynamics, and liberation. #QueerIs aims to put the spotlight on queerness as liberation. We ask you, what is queer to you?



The purpose of this campaign to spread positive and affirming messages about Queer identities around the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campuses. The campaign consists of five posters. To transparently claim that being Queer is a powerful, unique, and magical experience that many of our students, faculty, staff, and community members navigate every day of their lives. We see you. We value you. We support you.

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