Seminar course approach for study group leader training

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Seminar course approach for study group leader training

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National Association for Developmental Education




At the university during fall 2006, I created a college-credit course to help group leaders apply educational theories during their study group sessions. This course was required of all new group leaders starting during the fall semester. Rather than a didactic class format led by me as the instructor, a collaborative seminar model was employed. In the class, these students studied education theory articles and discussed how to apply this information to their weekly sessions. This understanding helped them create new learning activities not contained in the formal training program. It also made better sense of dynamics within the group and how to employ culturally-sensitive learning activities. This course was part of a larger required professional development component for the study group leaders.


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Arendale, D. R. (2014). Seminar course approach for study group leader training. NADE Digest, 6(2), 1-11. Available online:

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