Profile of 2007 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Attendees

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Profile of 2007 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Attendees

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University of Minnesota Tourism Center




In 2006, the University of Minnesota Tourism Center (UMTC) and Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) were contracted to profile visitors to Saint Paul Winter Carnival. Several visitor characteristics were of interest beyond demographics, including information sources, spending habits, and experience at Saint Paul Winter Carnival. To that end, a visitor questionnaire was developed and administered to Saint Paul Winter Carnival visitors.


Festivals and special events benefit both local communities and visitors. Community festivals of short duration contribute to the celebration of local culture, identity, and place. Festivals also enhance exposure, awareness, profitability and image of the host community, as well as serve as a vehicle for other development (Felenstein & Fleischer, 2003; Getz, 1991; Hall, 1992; Nicholson & Pearce, 2001). To maximize benefit and enhance events, organizers need to continually assess and evaluate their event and its market.

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Hinds, Nikki; Salk, Raintry; Schneider, Ingrid E.. (2007). Profile of 2007 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Attendees. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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