Link Lists for Websites of the US House of Representatives in 2009

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Link Lists for Websites of the US House of Representatives in 2009

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Weber, Matthew S.


Observational Data
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Data contains hyperlinks that existed between websites that were part of the United States House of Representatives domain in 2009. The data track 12,410,014 unique URLs.


Data are structured in a standard link list format, including source, destination, frequency and any associated descriptive text. See the readme file for more detailed information.

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Weber, M. S. (2018). Methods and Approaches to Using Web Archives in Computational Communication Research. Communication Methods and Measures, 1-16.

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National Science Foundation

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Weber, Matthew S.. (2018). Link Lists for Websites of the US House of Representatives in 2009. Retrieved from the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM),
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HOUSE_2009_part06.tar.gzHouse_2009 links list part 065.41 GB
HOUSE_2009_part07.tar.gzHouse_2009 links list part 074.7 GB
HOUSE_2009_part08.tar.gzHouse_2009 links list part 085.05 GB
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