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Parallel nondeterministic programming as a language extension in ableC

Kramer, Lucas; Van Wyk, Eric (2019-09-11)
This is an ableC language extension for parallel nondeterministic programming. It includes the Silver sources of the extension and a number of applications build using it. There may be newer, unarchived versions of this ...

A Silver implementation of a subset of MetaOCaml

Kramer, Lucas; Van Wyk, Eric (2019-09-06)
This is an implementation of a subset of MetaOCaml in Silver. It makes use of reflection in Silver in the MetaOCaml interpreter.

Silver-ableC: a Silver extension for writing ableC specifications

Kramer, Lucas; Van Wyk, Eric (2019-09-05)
Silver-ableC is an extension to the Silver attribute grammar system for writing ableC language specifications. It allows language developers to specify C language constructs using the concrete syntax of C instead of the ...

Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Payments?

Vachher, Prateek (2018-05)
In just a meager ten years, Bitcoin has gone from being a relatively obscure piece of code to an internationally recognized form of payment. Yet, opinions about Bitcoin’s future are mixed. After considering the major ...

Silver: an Attribute Grammar System

Kaminski, Ted; Van Wyk, Eric (2017-08-24)
Silver is an attribute grammar system which supports higher-order, reference, and collection attributes. It also supports forwarding and provides a modular well-definedness analysis to ensure composability of language ...

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