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Geologic Map Series  [3]

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Geologic Map Series 2. Surficial Geology of the New Brighton Quadrangle, Minnesota

Stone, John E. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1966)
The New Brighton quadrangle is underlain by as much as 500 feet of glacial drift, which lies directly on Paleozoic sedimentary rocks. The bedrock, which is part of the northern flank of the Twin Cities artesian basin, is ...

Geologic Map Series 1. Bedrock Geology of Duluth and Vicinity St. Louis County, Minnesota

Taylor, Richard B. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1963)
Duluth, Minnesota, is on the northwest limb of the Lake Superior syncline, a northeast-trending structure of Precambrian age. The north- west limb of the syncline dips 10-20 degrees S.E. toward Lake Superior and is dominated ...

Geologic Map Series 3. Geology of the Cloquet Quadrangle Carlton County, Minnesota

Wright, H.E. Jr; Mattson, L.A.; Thomas, J.A. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1970)
The Cloquet quadrangle is bisected by the St. Louis River, a major stream that flows into the western end of Lake Superior. Precambrian rocks are extensively exposed in the river valley where overlying Pleistocene glacial ...