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Educational Series 10. Geology of the Root River State Trail Area, Southeastern Minnesota

Mossler, John H. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1999)
The Root River State Trail is a paved walking, bicycling, and cross- country skiing trail in southeastern Minnesota that currently extends from the town of Fountain through Lanesboro to Rushford, and farther east towards ...

Educational Series 9. The Geology of Whitewater State Park

Runkel, Anthony C. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1996)
Many attractions of Whitewater State Park are related to its geology. The scenic bluffs, caves, and even the cold streams that support a thriving trout population are all related to a geologic history that spans hundreds ...

Educational Series 8. Using Ground-Water Data for Water Planning

Olsen, Bruce M.; Mohring, Eric H.; Bloomgren, Patricia A. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1987)
Thoughtful and broad-based planning is the foundation for wise use and management of Minnesota's ground-water resources. Effective water planning must match a variety of resource questions with appropriate types of data. ...

Educational Series 7. Geologic History of Minnesota Rivers

Wright, H.E. Jr (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1990)
A glance at a glacial map of the Great Lakes region reveals that all of Minnesota was glaciated at some time, and all but the southeastern and southwestern corners were covered by the last ice sheet, which culminated about ...

Educational Series 6. The Search for Oil and Gas in Minnesota

Morey, G.B. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1984)
The fossil fuels-coal, oil, and natural gas-are essential in Minnesota. We use much fuel just to keep warm in winter. Automobiles need gasoline. Trucks and tractors run on diesel fuel. Of the energy consumed in the state, ...

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