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President's Emerging Leaders Program  [45]

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Historical note:

Administered by the Office of Human Resources, the primary goals of the President's Emerging Leaders program were to identify, prepare, and support new leadership within the University of Minnesota; to create a larger pool of candidates to fill open positions and/or leadership assignments; and to create an organizational expectation whereby all administrators assume responsibility for identifying and nurturing potential leaders.

Each year, the President's Emerging Leaders program offered a cohort of selected high potential P & A, Civil Service, and Bargaining Unit staff structured but flexible development opportunities to further prepare them to provide significant leadership at the University. Individuals were nominated by University leaders and selected by a special review committee to participate in the 12-month program featuring educational and experiential components aimed at fostering a broad perspective of the University as an enterprise and promoting skill development to enhance effectiveness.

Collection description:

Collection includes final reports, summaries, and presentations from 2004 to 2012.

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