Implementing Student Development Outcomes

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Implementing Student Development Outcomes

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University of Minnesota




In 2007, the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities adopted Student Learning and Development Outcomes to frame the undergraduate experience. These outcomes are intended to define a common vision across campus regarding the types of skills and characteristics we expect of our graduates. This project specifically looks at ways to integrate the Student Development Outcomes (SDO) into various programs and activities across campus and to develop a strategy for significantly expanding the number of students having the opportunity to reflect upon their experiences through the framework of the SDO. In brief, the Student Development Outcomes include the following: responsibility and accountability,goal orientation, resilience, tolerance of ambiguity, independence and interdependence, self awareness, and appreciation of differences. We talk about these outcomes as characteristics which we expect students to both demonstrate as they participate in our academic environment and to develop further as they engage in learning experiences in and outside of the curriculum. Students, of course, come to our campus with these characteristics already developed to some extent – they would not have been successful students in high school without some of these characteristics. We also know that the maturation we (often) see in students during their undergraduate years is related to growth in these areas. The PEL project will create a range of tools that are adaptable by faculty and staff to fit the variety of ways in which they interact with students, including setting expectations for student performance in the classroom, advising student organizations, supervising student employees/lab assistants, and working on research projects or mentoring students.



2 online resources (PDF files): Final report and Poster presentation

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