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UMTC Undergraduate Research Presentations and Papers (UROP)  [1741]

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This collection contains posters, scholarly papers, and other presentations prepared by undergraduate researchers, including presentations made at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, the McNair Scholars Symposium, and the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Additional undergraduate work can be found in the Homecoming Student Scholar and Public Engagement Showcase

Recently Added

Chloroplast Capture between the Clarkia xantiana subspecies

Suri, Amal, M (2022)
Introgression occurs when genetic material from one gene pool gets incorporated into another gene pool. Introgression of chloroplast genomes is when one species inherits the chloroplast genome of another species, termed ...

Poster Displaying the Studied Relationship Between Small Mammal Behavior and Urban Greenspace Environments

Vorvick, Siri B (2022-05)
My objective was to explore how the structure of the built environment—including the commonality and plan of sidewalks, playgrounds, and other gathering spaces, and the coordinated habits of use by individuals in these ...

Investigating the Sporulation Process of a Novel Organism Isolated from the Soudan Underground Mine

Kruchoski, Halle R.; Hsu, David; Gralnick, Jeffrey A. (2022)

Using LED Gaze Cues to Enhance Underwater Human-Robot Interaction

Prabhu, Aditya; Fulton, Michael; Sattar, Junaed, Ph.D. (2022-05)
In the underwater domain, conventional methods of communication between divers and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) are heavily impeded. Radio signal attenuation, water turbidity (cloudiness), and low light levels ...

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