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UMTC Undergraduate Research Presentations and Papers (UROP)  [1573]

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This collection contains posters, scholarly papers, and other presentations prepared by undergraduate researchers, including presentations made at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, the McNair Scholars Symposium, and the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Additional undergraduate work can be found in the Homecoming Student Scholar and Public Engagement Showcase

Recently Added

Assessing Function Efficiency of AtWUS Through Genetic Modifications

Badey, Nikil, B (2020-06)
This research aims to optimize developmental transporter, AtWUS by removing the dimerization domain found in exon 2 of the protein. By removing the dimerization domain, we were able to achieve a more sustainable and efficient ...

Three Faiths, One Holy Land: An Interfaith Study on Holy Land Pilgrimages in the Early Modern Period

Kolden, Crystal (2020-06)
The Holy Land, which includes the city of Jerusalem and surrounding holy sites, has long been a pilgrimage destination in the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions. The Ottoman era of Jerusalem, beginning in 1517, saw ...

A Behavioral Study of Brain Lateralization in Gray Treefrogs (Hyla chrysoscelis): Does a "Right-Ear Advantage" Bias Phonotaxis?

Ruppert, Annika R; Bee, Mark A (2020)
The tendency for humans to characterize themselves as “right-brained” or “left-brained” emerges from the observation that the left and right hemispheres exhibit some specialization for different functions. Previous ...

Observations of Harmonics in Auroral Kilometric Radiation with the FAST Satellite

Pannell, William (2020)
The FAST satellite's unique mode of high time resolution data collection makes it suited to investigating high frequency phenomena. FAST has recorded many instances of auroral kilometric radiation being accompanied by a ...

School District Population Growth and Referendum Based Reform

Hall-Hunt, Ryan (2020)
The White Bear Lake Area School District is an interesting case study of a suburban school district that faces the challenge of an expanding population in a previously rural part of the district. The quickly developing ...

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