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Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering  [280]

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Justice, Exclusion, and Equity: An Analysis of 48 U.S. Metropolitan Areas

Palmateer, Chelsey; Levinson, David M (2017)
Injustice in transportation services experienced by disadvantaged demographic groups account for much of these groups’ social exclusion. Unfortunately, there is little agreement in the field about what theoretical foundation ...

The Healthiest vs. Greenest Path: Comparing the Effects of Internal and External Costs of Motor Vehicle Pollution on Route Choice

Cui, Mengying (2017)
On-road emissions, a dominant source of urban air pollution, damage human health. The 'healthiest path' and the 'greenest path' are proposed as alternative patterns of traffic route assignment to minimize the costs of ...

Accessibility-oriented development

Deboosere, Robbin; Levinson, David M; El-Geneidy, Ahmed (2017)
Municipal governments worldwide have been pursuing transit-oriented development (TOD) strategies in order to increase transit ridership, curb traffic congestion, and rejuvenate urban neighborhoods. In many cities, however, ...

Traffic Flow Variation and Network Structure

Ermagun, Alireza; Levinson, David M. (2017)
This study defines and detects competitive and complementary links in a complex network and constructs theories illustrating how the variation of traffic flow is interconnected with network structure. To test the hypotheses, ...

Spatiotemporal Short-term Traffic Forecasting using the Network Weight Matrix and Systematic Detrending

Ermagun, Alireza; Levinson, David M (2017-08)
This study examines the dependency between traffic links using a three-dimensional data detrend- ing algorithm to build a network weight matrix in a real-world example. The network weight matrix reveals how links are ...

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