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Equity in Banking and Lending - Project Findings and Next Steps

Mbali, John; Williamson, Aaron S.; Arika, Jessica; Martinez Gavina, Blanca (2021-08)
The community is poised to address issues related to disparities in access and quality of banking & lending options and solutions for African Americans in North Minneapolis in particular. This project seeks to understand ...

Hands Across the World: Evaluation Plan and Preliminary Results

Johnson, Kania; Subba, Meghna (2021-05-06)
Hands Across the World (HAW) has four organizational goals for supporting newly arrived immigrants and refugees into American society. Their goals are cultural settlement, social adaptation, economic adjustment, and political ...

The Social Science Case for a Flexible Benefit Set

Hurley, Tyler; Lecheler, Tegan; Proescholdt, Laura; Schoppa, Isabelle; Siljander, Bridget (2021-05-03)
The Flexible Benefit Set (FBS) is an integral part of Pathways to Prosperity and Wellbeing (P2PW), a human-centered design initiative to reform human services in Dakota County and Olmstead County. The FBS addresses the ...

Equity in Minnesota State Grantmaking

Gullickson, Nicolette; Jones, Wendy; Sand, Lilian; Yan, Jiapeng (2021-05-05)
The state grantmaking process was not originally designed with equity as the organizing principle. As such, it is unsurprising to learn that nonprofit organizations in Minnesota led by and/or serving Black, Indigenous, and ...

Minnesota Zoo's Operation Curiosity and Wonder: Evaluation of a Curriculum Program

Storck-Post, Samuel; Yetka, Leslie (2021-05-05)
In spring of 2020 and during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and statewide shutdown, the Minnesota Zoo developed a science curriculum program for K-5 teachers that addressed newly adopted science standards developed ...

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