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Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs  [706]

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Minnesota Crime Victim Reparations and the Police Report Requirement: How tying crime victim compensation to the criminal justice system limits access for victims of diverse backgrounds

Vraney, Chloe (2021-08)
The Crime Victim Reparations Board (CVR) is an Office of Justice Program within the Minnesota Department of Public Safety that provides financial compensation to victims of private crimes to cover incurred costs resulting ...

Violence Prevention as a Public Health Goal in Ramsey County, MN: Paths Forward for Equitable, Community-Centered Priority Setting Processes

Dorman, Amy, R (2021-05)
Public health priority setting processes through Community Health Improvement Plans at the local level are designed to be community-centered. Yet, debate continues around whether objective, data-driven decision-making or ...

Housing Cooperatives to Community Land Trusts: Exploring Community Wealth Building Strategies for Black Homeownership

Shongwe, Nonkululeko (2021-05)
The homeownership gap between Black and White communities continues to increase. This stems from a long history of policies enacted by the U.S. government and has impacted Black homeownership and wealth attainment. This ...

Technical Assistance for Continuous Living Cover Agricultural Practices

Peters, Ashley; Barrett, Edith; Stinogel, Jack (2021-08)
This report explores opportunities to improve agricultural practices that improve soil health and retention while benefiting farmers, specifically by improving training for providers of technical assistance. Focused on ...

Advocating for Education Equity: Strategies and Opportunities for Great Expectations

Bass, Anthony; Demm, Nicolas; Jigme, Tenzing; Snyder, April (2021-08)
Minnesota’s educational disparities are well-documented. In recent years, the state’s sizable gaps in academic achievement have generated increasing attention as the state grapples with racial and ethnic disparities across ...

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