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Hispanic Issues On Line "Debates": Volume 05 (Fall 2012): Exile, intellectuals, and the memory wars  [5]

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Edited by Luis Martín-Estudillo and Megan Corbin

Recently Added

Introduction: Exile, intellectuals, and the memory wars

Martín-Estudillo, Luis; Corbin, Megan (Hispanic Issues Series, 2012)

Ariel Dorfman: the residue of hope after public personae construction

Vidal, Hernán (Hispanic Issues Series, 2012)

Seductive narratives: on human rights, bestsellers, and hope

Lynd, Juliet (Hispanic Issues Series, 2012)

Dorfman and Vidal: some insights on political theater and human rights

Vargas-Salgado, Carlos (Hispanic Issues Series, 2012)

False parity and the politics of amnesia

Lund, Joshua; Reber, Dierdra (Hispanic Issues Series, 2012)